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Welcome to spn_icontest!! This is where your love of Supernatural and love pf icon making collide! Each challenge you will have the oppertunity to make creative icons that relate to a central theme. At the end of the challenge voting will take place to figure out which icon our members liked most. If your icon was chosen as the best by our members you get a nice banner you can display! So, Join today and let the Challenge begin!

One; All icons must be related to the theme or base of the challenge.
Two; Please do not post the icons you are submitting here in other challenge communities.
Three; Each icon can only be posted once, please don't submit the same icon for more than one challenge.
Four; No more than two entries per challenge, unless otherwise stated in the challenge.
Five; All entries must fit LJ standards. Not bigger than 100x100 or over 40 kb.
Six; All entries must be submitted with their url to the post containing the challenge. In other words,
post your screened comment to the challenge you wish to enter, post the icon and then the url.
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If you would like to be an affiliate just leave a comment @ this post. Our official Affiliates List located here.

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