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C03: Sam Winchester

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Challenge: Sam Winchester
-Basically any icon showing Sam as the focus, anyone/anything else maybe present as well.
-You can use any picture from/of the show. If you need pictures check out Supernatural.TV.
-You may submit up to Five (5) entries for this Challenge.
-Animation is okay.
-You MUST be a member to submit icons.
-Submit your icon as well as it's url

-Please, do not post your icons to other icon challenge communities before the challenge has ended. The community works best when icons are annonomus.
-Icons Due: August 27, 2006 @ MIDNIGHT CENTRAL TIME
-Good Luck to everyone!!!
-Also, please tell people you know about us. The community only has 11 members and that is pretty sad compaired to all the Supernatural Fans there are. :(
Tags: c03, theme
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